Nitehawk Domain Name saved
Present Nitehawk Users

After a week of having been out of operation is operational again thanks to an agreement with:


As part of this agreement, a number of changes need to be made. The Good News is though, that the Domain Name will continue to exist for the present Nitehawk Users.

All Nitehawk subscribers will have to get accounts at PAIR.COM. We will however, be able to keep the existing URL's or will be able to move to other Domains. There will be plenty of time to make these moves, so that the transfers from to other domains can be done in a planned and gradual fashion. Pair Domain will be happy to host your WEB site either under, as you are now, or in one of the different settings that are available.

We suggest that you contact PAIR.COM for detailed information on the available plans and services.

Watch here for further details. Shortly, we will contact the present user base to discuss the details of these changes.
It is our desire to make the transfer as easy as possible and also with a minumum of inconvenience.

We are VERY SAD about this situation and the effects for

the Proud Staff of Nitehawk Internet Services

but we believe this to be the BEST solution

under the given circumstances and the changes had to be made

in order to maintain WEB presence for the present users of

Kai's WebDesign