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Our charges
(from December, 15th 1995)
SpaceDescriptionPriceSetup fee
1 MbUpload via anonymous FTP:$ 12.00/yr$ 00.00  
5 MbAs above:$ 40.00/yr$ 00.00  
10 Mb As above:$ 70.00/yr$ 00.00  
5 MbWith direct upload access via FTP:$ 10.00/mo$ 05.00*
15 MbAs above + Telnet + limited cgi-bin access:$ 20.00/mo$ 15.00*
25 MbAs above + complete cgi-bin access:$ 30.00/mo$ 25.00*
5 MbVirtual domain + FTP + redirected e-mail:$ 13.00/mo$ 05.00*
5 MbAs above + telnet + POP3 e-mail:$ 15.00/mo$ 10.00*
15 MbAs above + limited cgi-bin access:$ 25.00/mo$ 15.00*
25 MbAs above + complete cgi-bin access:$ 35.00/mo$ 25.00*
100 MbAs above:$ 60.00/mo$ 35.00*
1 MbAutoresponder:$ 02.00/mo$ 02.00  
0 MbRe-directed e-mail address
(only available with one of the WWW/FTP space accounts):
$ 01.00/mo$ 01.00  
1 MbPOP3 e-mail box:$ 03.00/mo$ 03.00  
1 MbAdditional storage space for e-mail:$ 02.00/mo$ 00.00  
0 MbMailing list (additional charges may apply depending on traffic):$ 02.00/mo$ 02.00  
 Domain name registration:
This includes the $ 100 fee to the InterNic.
$ 150.00 
 Registration for other Nic's
(plus any relevant fees charged by the relevant Nic):
$ 50.00 

*All these accounts are for high traffic pages and have these traffic limits: 5 Mb account:50 Mb/day
15 Mb account:150 Mb/day
25 Mb account:250 Mb/day
100 Mb account:250 Mb/day

Our anonymous FTP accounts are for low traffic accounts. Additional bandwidth available at ($ 3/mo)/(10Mb/day)
Additional storage space available at request.

For pages with adult content we must ask that you make a deposit of $ 50.00 to cover additional bandwidth.

Payment is by cheque (special arrangements can be made). We'll soon accept payment by credit card.

Nitehawk Internet Services reserves the right to reject applications and to change these prices without further notice. Our clients will be informed of changes in our prices with at least 30 days notice, via e-mail.

We also have a limited number of FREE 200 Kb pages!
Non-profit and educational institutions may apply for up to 3 Mb of FREE WWW/FTP space!

Send your questions, and comments, to:
The Middle East,
North Africa and Turkey
The Pacific
Rest of the

These prices are in effect as of December, 15th 1995.

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