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We are a group of people working hard to provide affordable web-space to the general public. We believe that all Internet users should have access to their own web-space and this is our way of trying to provide it. None of the people working on this project profit financially from this, the only profit they have is getting a limited space for free and experience with working with the Internet.

To get a FREE 200kb page click on one of these:
Non-commercial Cybertown pages.
Commercial Nitehawk pages.

To find our more about what we have to offer check out our pricelist.

You can see links to some of our clients pages here (Under construction): links.

We also have a small page where you can search the web using some excellent search engines.

You can also do a search of our site by using our simple search engine.

All scripts we use on our pages can be setup at your site as well.
To find out more about using our cgi-scripts within your own pages check our FAQ.

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