Hello Sharon,

Thanks very much for the phone call and the info on Keith.

I knew from Leo about the job offer from Finingan. It must have been a large point of 
discussion at ASMS.

It will be difficult for Keith, moving West with selling the house, kid's in school etc.
Let's hope that Finnigan has some relocation plans in effect.

The reason I was told is that "they" who ever that are or is, are looking for an applications
manager with International experience. BOTH Lin and Keith were considered, not to have
that kind of experience!. I do not really know about Lin but I do not believe a lack of
international experience is her weak point, but certainly Keith does not have that problem.

It is hard to understand that Laura must not have been aware of all this going on.

Anyway I do not know what made him walk out the place at 15:00 h  in the end. He must have
gotten very, very angry.

His leaving might cause as well some changes in his group as a follow up.

For what ever it is worth: In my opinion  based upon working with Keith way back
10 years ago, observing him and having talked with him on and off the record, he is one of
the very few if not the only one, understanding the business sector of  mass spectrometry.
in all its aspects, applications, marketing and financial. And it is, a deadly loss. 
You can bring that opinion to the bank, as they say.

The very fact that the idiots did let this happen, means that now there is a total lack
of understanding in the management. Of course I have known that ( and experienced that )
for a long time.

Leo had another story what has been proven not to be true so far as least. The rumor
was or is, that Laura was looking for another job??  She was not at ASMS what
was strange at least.

For one thing  I am glad in a way that I am not there any longer to experience all this
as it is all real bad news for the well being and future of the product line.

There is only one guy of significance left, Dale P. We have to wait and see what will happen
to him or with him. It is crazy if I think about the number of people left during the last 2 or
3 years. And remember I told you when Steve went, I wondered how low long it would be
before Keith follow.

BTW Steve M, went to Noubar's company, you probably know this already

Whether you should be concerned I do not know. They can not afford to let the Sciex
part go down the drain and I believe you are involved with the training aspects for those
instruments as well and that should be safe, I would think. You should see the relationship
with FC and the people there, as crucial.

I have been saying and thinking this for some time now and believe the days of FRM are 
counted. There was very little new from FRM at ASMS and no word on new instruments.

Leo told me that Finnigan is selling carloads of FTMS and lin. traps at the moment. 

It would not be a bad idea if Noubar were to buy it back for a token amount! But it
could be well beyond repair.

Will call you at the office next week.